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You own the Company - not your Job! 
become the renaissance CEO your company (and family) need


Successful companies generate Corporate Energy!          
remain centered during turbulence and foster employee "Will to Win"

Prosperous Companies perform like Orchestras - Not Jazz Bands
develop process savvy employees.

Your Net-Worth is NOT what it could be! 
secure and grow your corporate investment


Your company can't survive without rigorous Continuous-Improvement 
engage employees in the elimination of waste and rework


Synopsis of The Baton Process


1)   Read:  Secure Corporate Viability by Creating *Transferable Wealth and Wisdom


To discover:

 (a) THE NEED for inspiration, alignment, responsiveness, discipline, and accountability.

(b) HOW TO find out and take action faster than the competition in order to increase profits , generate corporate energy, eliminate waste and rework, and create transferable wealth.

(c) YOUR READINESS  to proceed with implementation


This book is the awareness and decision-making component of BMS.  It distills essential Process-disciplines and a method of fostering Inspirational-leadership gleaned from interactions with senior management teams around the world.  This book focuses on fundamentals—there are no bells and whistles.  It explains a stepwise plan that CEOs can implement by themselves or with the assistance of a tightly-managed facilitation resource (following detailed instructions in Inspirational-leadership and Process-discipline: The CEO’s Implementation Guide).

The complimentary E book’s objective is to identify what it takes to:

  • Survive and prosper in the post-industrial-age
  • Make the transition to creating transferable wealth
  • Eliminate dysfunctional attitudes and habits—profit inhibiting remnants of the industrial-age
  • Top–grade talent in order to attract and retain the best employees
  • E engage employees in the elimination of waste and rework
  • Delight customers and  the needs of your partner chain
  • Balance inspiration and discipline
  • Transform firefighters into process-savvy team players
  • Align everybody to support the customer’s total experience
  • Generate corporate energy




2)    Take actionby ordering online at



“Inspirational-leadership and Process-discipline: The CEO’s Implementation Guide(with video support)           

Follow this comprehensive, stepwise implementation plan. Its design will allow you to “Do It Yourself” with the assistance of an administrative resource…if you wish support, use an executive coach. No need for costly consultants


The CEO’s  implementation guide has two segments:

A. Inspirational-leadership details how to establish a solid foundation that will support a high-performance culture.  Included are how-to steps that will help you clarify Cultural-values, declare an Ethics-platform, brand the company inside and out, and inspire employees.  The guide will help you establish behavioral boundaries, hold people accountable and foster innovation.  During part A implementation, everybody with direct reports is taught to follow client-specific supervisory protocols.


·        recognize a cultural-values contribution (inspire)

·        train direct reports to recognize a cultural values contribution (inspire)

·        redirect profit-inhibiting performance (discipline)

·        Hold people accountable:

o   chair productive meetings

o   coach: review performance and set priorities

o   manage the  waste and rework recovery process

B. Process-discipline will help you align employees to maximize the customer’s total experience and shareholder ROI.   It introduces the tools you will need to focus on Strategic Processes rather than departmental performance, plan effectively and respond to competitive threats.  The introduction of Process-discipline will improve cash flow, establish meaningful measurement, introduce consequence, promote effective hiring and firing, develop the senior team’s capacity to forward think, and transform employees into profit-conscious associates.

Maintain the culture you have created

3) Once your unique adaptation of Inspirational-leadership and Process-discipline has been implemented, the culture you have created can be maintained using a client-specific E-learning portal


This online portal will help you stabilize the culture you have created by effectively inducting new hires—introducing them to your unique method of supporting inspirational-leadership and process-discipline.  Using E-learning technology your new employees will hit the ground running—fully appreciating how your company is managed and led and knowing what the company expects of its employees.  (note: the portal  keeps a record of each employee’s involvement E learning history. 

The portal can also serve as a platform for additional training   It can accommodate initiatives such as: safety,  job skills, the dissemination of information such as: benefits, the employee handbook, or  newsletters.  It can also accommodate off the shelf or custom designed training programs.  Access is controlled by the client and a record is maintained of each employees learning history.

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