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You own the Company - not your Job! 
become the renaissance CEO your company (and family) need


Successful companies generate Corporate Energy!          
remain centered during turbulence and foster employee "Will to Win"

Prosperous Companies perform like Orchestras - Not Jazz Bands
develop process savvy employees.

Your Net-Worth is NOT what it could be! 
secure and grow your corporate investment


Your company can't survive without rigorous Continuous-Improvement 
engage employees in the elimination of waste and rework


About the Founder and CEO

Art McNeil’s career spans over 35 years as a CEO, entrepreneur, executive coach, business consultant, and author.  He founded Achieve, a successful consultancy, later acquired by Times Mirror and now part of Achieve Global (one of the world’s largest leadership and organization development companies). During this time, he worked with senior teams from corporations such as: Black and Decker, Amex, UPS, and RBC Bank.


For several years, Art has been facilitating executive think-tanks and coaching the owners of small to midsized businesses in and around Tampa Bay Florida.  This experience inspired him to develop the Baton Management System—beta-tested to validate its capacity to help CEOs secure corporate viability and grow the value of their primary asset.  


Art has written several books, including the #1 best-seller,  The "I" of the Hurricane:  Creating Corporate Energy.  He has been a syndicated columnist and keynote speaker....more


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