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You own the Company - not your Job! 
become the renaissance CEO your company (and family) need


Successful companies generate Corporate Energy!          
remain centered during turbulence and foster employee "Will to Win"

Prosperous Companies perform like Orchestras - Not Jazz Bands
develop process savvy employees.

Your Net-Worth is NOT what it could be! 
secure and grow your corporate investment


Your company can't survive without rigorous Continuous-Improvement 
engage employees in the elimination of waste and rework


What if your culture was aligned to deliver on a compelling brand promise, and...

  • your company’s economic viability was secure?
  • sales and expense results were on target and predictable?
  • the company was securing a prosperous future for you?
  • you had reliable access to working capital?
  • changing markets created more opportunities than problems?
  • your customer’s perception of value scored high?
  • employees participated in the elimination of waste and rework?
  • all your internal and external resources were inspired and aligned?
  • employees weren't fighting the same old fires over and over again?
  • you were accomplishing more but feeling less stressed?
Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain!

Use The Baton Process as your GPS to prosperity 

  • Set your destination
  • Select your route
  • Travel at your own speed
  • Pinpoint your current location
  • Stay on course
  • Drive yourself


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